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Supporting Quality of Life for a Person with Developmental Disabilities $19.95
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Supporting Quality of Life for a Person with Developmental Disabilities

It might seem obvious to say that support staff advocate for the enhancement of the quality of life of the people they support. But “quality of life” also has a more specific meaning in the context of providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The quality of life concept refers to a respectfully structured, best-practices approach to empowering individuals within a system of supports to become all they can be. The Quality of Life (QOL) philosophy takes a capacities approach to serving people with disabilities. It is shaped by standards of social justice and equal opportunity. In the past, the focus of planning was on identifying defects. Services today are moving toward a positive focus on the potentials of each person. The Quality of Life (QOL) approach is about understanding and exploring how each person feels about the broad spectrum of experiences that makes life meaningful and satisfying and then assisting the person in achieving their personal goals. This course is meant to show support staff members the critical role they can play in promoting quality of life and how they can get involved with this effort. Starting with a short history of disability services, it explains what quality of life is and why it is different from past ways of thinking. The course will explore the core quality of life domains and how learners can use these domains and best practices as a basis for conversations and supports planning. These basic concepts will help staff implement individualized supports with a full understanding of their purpose, allowing individuals to achieve the highest possible quality of life. This training program is based on the RBT Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. This program is offered independent of the BACB. Current Link: https://bacb.com/rbt-task-list/
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Supporting Quality of Life for a Person with Developmental Disabilities
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