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Application of the Personal Outcome Measures® for Families, Children, and Youth $30.00
Personal Outcome Measures (CQL)

Application of the Personal Outcome Measures® for Families, Children, and Youth

Most organizations that serve children, youth, and their families care deeply about the quality of the services they provide. They typically measure this quality by looking at how their services measure up to government or regulatory standards. In the process, these systems often miss one of the most important questions: “Are the targeted individuals receiving services that achieve the quality of life that they and their families desire?” CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership offers a proven method of assisting health and human services organizations and staff to look at quality through the eyes of those who receive their services. CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership’s system focuses on Personal Outcome Measures® in which the individuals receiving services define their own measures of life quality and use them to guide their services and supports. This course will assist you in understanding and applying the Personal Outcome Measures® approach to youth and the families of young children. The lessons, stories, and interactive activities in this training cover the basic concepts and applications of Personal Outcome Measures®. This training is useful to anyone working with youth and/or families with mental health issues, developmental, intellectual or other kinds of disabilities, family issues, or other needs that require extra support. After taking this course, you will be well equipped to employ these useful strategies in your own setting. This series of e-learning courses lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the personal outcomes approach, identifies and explains the 21 personal outcomes across services settings, and explores the practical use of personal outcomes. Each course works as a stand-alone learning opportunity, but we encourage you to complete them as a suite in order to gain as much in-depth knowledge and skill as possible. These courses provide an introduction for staff that are new to personal outcomes and can be used as an orientation for new staff as well as a component of staff development.
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Application of the Personal Outcome Measures® for Families, Children, and Youth
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