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Understanding Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability, or ID, is a permanent and lifelong condition. Almost all people with ID receive their diagnosis as young children, but the condition can be diagnosed later if the symptoms were present in their childhood. ID has been described in medical and legal writings for hundreds of years using a variety of names. Until fairly recently, the condition was called “mental retardation.”

The core features of ID are limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, which are noticeable in a person during their childhood. In this course, you will learn what clinicians look for in diagnosing ID and what teams consider when developing plans for individualized supports. 

The impact of ID on a person's functioning may range from mild to severe. No matter what the severity of their condition, all people with ID have a set of relative strengths and weaknesses. Understanding a person's strengths and weaknesses is the basis for providing individualized supports. Providing appropriate individualized supports can increase the person's abilities and functioning. However, they will always have the condition of ID. 

This course is based on the 12th edition of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, or AAIDD, diagnostic manual published in 2021. 

The goal of this course is to teach DSPs and QPs in IDD settings what ID is, how it is diagnosed, and illustrate how individualized supports can increase a person with ID’s functioning and promote the development of new abilities.

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Understanding Intellectual Disability
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